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Faculty of Aeronautics

Faculty address:

Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice
Rampová 7
041 21 Košice
Slovak Republic


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The Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice (LF TUKE) was established on 1 February 2005 as the ninth faculty of the Technical University of Košice. Its establishment ensured the continuation of the world-famous tradition of aviation education in Košice. Since 2016, in addition to the preparation of aviation specialists for civil aviation, it also provides university education for the needs of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. The Faculty has been providing practical training of professional pilots and flight technicians in cooperation with the Slovak Training Academy at the Košice Airport since 2017.

The Faculty of Aeronautics offers higher education of aviation experts within accredited study programmes in all three levels of higher education - Bachelor, Master and Doctoral. Modern and appealing study programmes fully reflect the requirements of national as well as European aviation legislation, which greatly extends the employability of its graduates on a European scale. University education and scientific research and development are carried out in the basic fields of aviation: air traffic management, aerospace engineering, and aviation security and management. The Faculty prepares aviation specialists for the positions of professional pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft technicians for maintenance of airframes, engines and avionics systems, and aviation managers for civilian as well as military aviation. The Faculty - the only one in the Slovak academic environment - holds a wide range of certificates of Transport Authority of the Slovak Republic (NSAT) and the State Air Force Administration Department of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic on qualification for the training of pilots, air traffic controllers and aviation technical personnel in accordance with the EU aviation legislation. In research, the Faculty is involved in major European projects and cooperates with many departments oriented on aeronautics in Slovakia as well as many countries around the world.


Accredited Study Programmes for Academic Year 2020/2021

Bachelor Study Form
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Engineer Study Form
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Avionics Systems FT 3 SK, EN Aircraft Operation FT 2 SK, EN
Aerospace Technology FT 3 SK, EN Air Transport Management FT/PT 2/3 SK, EN
Air Traffic Controller FT 3 SK, EN Sensors and Avionics Systems FT 2 SK, EN
Aircraft Operation FT 3 SK, EN        
Professional Pilot FT 3 SK, EN        
Air Transport Management FT/PT 3/4 SK, EN        

Tuition fee for part-time bachelor study is set at €550 per academic year.
Tuition fee for part-time engineer study is set at €750 per academic year.


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