Catering for students and staff of the Technical University of Košice is provided by three student canteens, two staff canteens, six bistros, Libresso – cafeteria and pastry service with refreshment, a bar V club – a cultural and social centre and a baguette shop. Catering facilities are located either directly on the premises of the Technical University of Košice or in the student dormitories.

All catering services are involved in credit catering system of the Technical University of Košice. Students and PhD students studying full-time are eligible for subsidies (food allowance) worth € 1.00. Daily they are eligible for two grants in a total amount of 2€ per day. Upon paying it is possible to use the student card that is money-rechargeable. For more details about the student card, see the section Study – Study organization – Student card.

Catering facilities can be found here.