University life

Students have huge opportunities for social and cultural life in the capital of Eastern Slovakia. Among other things they can participate in student clubs and organizations such as the Folk Ensemble Jahodna, University Choir Collegium Technicum, Student TV, Rádio9, BEST, IAESTE, Student Information and Counselling Centre, PC klub, Student Council, and many other organizations.

The Technical University of Kosice places sport together with education, science and research among the main pillars of its activities. It provides sports opportunities for development of the performance and professional sports. Sports events are regularly organized at the university level, national and international level. Katka Bérešová or Janka Velďáková and her sister Danka Velďáková, our Olympic sportswomen from the Faculty of Economics, and the bronze Universiade medalist Matej Falat has proved that studying at university can be supplemented by professional sports and that the Technical University of Košice supports these activities.

Another facility for activities is the new University Library, which is located on the premises of the Technical University of Košice. There are between 2 000 to 3 000 students daily in this library. This massive building extending across five floors provides students with facilities for relaxation, study, entertainment and education. Students have at their disposal more than 200 computers with Internet access and the entire building is covered with WiFi signal. There are special group boxes set up for students in which they can work on their assignments. Apart from studying, students can enjoy relax sacks or a cup of coffee in the university Libresso.

More details about the University Library can be found here.