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How to get here

Some useful links and tips how you can travel to Slovakia and within Slovakia can be found here:

  • The nearest airport is Letisko Košice. There is a good connection with airports in Prague airportVienna Airport and Bratislava airport.
  • Airport in Budapest is the second nearest from here. You have to take a train to get to Košice, but it has pretty good connection with all international airports.
  • If you wish you can use also train or bus to get to Košice.
  • When traveling within the city of Košice you can use public transport (buses, trams, trolley buses). Students who do not have permanent residence in Slovakia and have been accepted and study at universities in Slovakia as full-time students and are under the age of 26 years are entitled to discounted transport. The Technical University of Košice issues a student card which can be used as a contactless chip card when traveling by public transport. For more details on the card issuance, see the section Studies – Study administration, or at Instructions for use of the cards issued by the Technical University of Košice for public transport can find DPMK instructions.

ReCtor’s Message

To, čo bolo dobré včera, dnes už nestačí a zajtra bude málo to, čo dnes napĺňa naše nároky.

Jan Amos Komenský