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Study at TUKE

The Technical University of Košice is a public institution providing technical, economical and artistic education in all three levels of higher education for both home and foreign students.

The Technical University of Košice has 9 faculties. Each faculty offers accredited study programs at bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral level of higher education. The study can be carried out in full-time or part-time form; by attendance, distance or combined method in Slovak or English language. Students of Faculty of Economics can take part in a francophone study program with French as a language of instruction.

Bachelor´s study as a first level of higher education lasts at least three or four years (in the case of architecture, visual arts or design, or in the case of part-time form of study). It is focused on the acquisition of basic professional knowledge in particular fields of study, overview of the current state of development of the particular field of study in the world and basic practical skills. Study designed this way allows the graduates of the bachelor´s study to handle the current rising demands of scientific, technical, economic and artistic development, and their skills significantly exceed general technical and information literacy.

Master´s study as a second level of higher education has a standard length of study of two years; the total length of the study is at least five years. The basic condition for continuation at the second level of study is completion of the first level of higher education. Master´s study graduates are able to analyse, design and construct technical systems, conduct research with a high level of creativity and autonomy, and are able to easily apply the knowledge in practice or continue their education at a third level of higher education. They are able to present their own technical, economical and artistic solutions of problems in research, development, design and construction of systems and their application, and creatively apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Doctoral study as a third level of higher education lasts at least three, usually four years in the full-time form of study and five years in the part-time form of study. The basic condition for continuation at the doctoral level of study is completion of the second level of higher education.
A graduate of the third level of higher education acquires theoretical and practical understanding and skills for independent, creative scientific and research work in the field studied. He or she has a command of scientific and research methods in their field of study; is able to solve the most demanding scientific and research tasks of theoretical character with a focus on the future practical applications. He or she can use their experience in science and research, development or design organizations to solve complex problems, designs and analyses in high-tech applications, or as an employee of higher education institutions, research institutes or the Academy of Sciences.

All study programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission, which is an advisory body of the Government of the Slovak Republic and are guaranteed by top professors and associate professors, employees of our university.

The educational process includes different forms of educational activities such as lectures, seminars, exercises, laboratory work, project work, professional experience, consulting. The standard workload of a student is expressed by the number of credits - 60 credits pre academic year and 30 credits per semester. The credit system of TUKE is compatible with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which enables the mobility of students within European education programs.

Technical University of Košice also provides complementary forms of education:

  • Lifelong education through Institute for Lifelong Education,
  • Supplementary pedagogical study, higher education pedagogy course and higher education quality management course, which are provided by the Department of Engineering Education,
  • Different types of training, seminars and courses for students, which are organised by the Rector and faculties,
  • Interest third age studies through the University of the Third Age, which are organised at TUKE in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice.


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