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To, čo bolo dobré včera, dnes už nestačí a zajtra bude málo to, čo dnes napĺňa naše nároky.

Jan Amos Komenský

Practical information



When intending to apply for visa the foreign nationals are urged to contact the territorially competent Slovak embassy/consulate general in order to receive a detailed and up-to-date information on visa requirements.
The list of Slovak embassies and consulates general abroad can be find at the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the list of honorary consulates here. In case a Letter of Acceptance is required, please, contact the Students Department at the faculty you are applying to.

Domiciliary permit

Foreigners coming to Slovak Republic need permission for the temporary stay.
Students from third countries staying in Slovakia longer than 90 days apply for temporary residence permit for the purpose of study. You have to apply in person abroad at the Slovak embassy/consulate competent for your country or at a respective foreign police office in Slovakia (list of Foreign Police Offices in Slovakia).
Please, inform yourself at the Slovak Embassy in your country about the entry and residence regulations for foreigners in Slovakia.
Brief overview of information regarding Slovakia, information about Visa, about Temporary and Permanent Residence, education in Slovakia, Health insurance and more practical information can be find at the next website of IOM Migration Information Centre.

Welcome to Slovakia

Residence of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia

Flyers (Temporary Residence, Permanent Residence etc.)

Information about Temporary Residence and Permanent Residence

Information about Visa, Dues and the Forms

Visa Centres

Medical Centres relevant for residence permit

 Instructions for students coming from Ukraine .

Residence of EÚ/EEA/Swiss nationals

If an EU/EEA/Swiss national intends to stay in Slovakia longer than 3 months, he/she is obliged to submit the notice of stay to the foreign police office within 10 working days since his/her arrival to Slovakia. After that he/she can stay in Slovakia without any further obligations for up to three months from the entry into the Slovak Republic. After this period of three months is over, EU/EEA/Swiss national is obliged to apply for registration of residence in the Slovak Republic within next 30 days. What do you need for the report of stay and for the registration of residence for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals can be find PDF (page 8-9), Stay of foreigner and Students’ residence rights.

Health insurance

The Slovak Republic health care providers recognize different types of health insurance valid in other countries.
All students entering the Slovak Republic are strongly recommended to arrange their own health insurance for the period of their study stay abroad.
Health insurance should be arranged in a student’s home country before departure. Health insurance should cover health, accidents and hospital care.

How to get your documents sufficiently authenticated

Please see the section Applicants – Recognition of diplomas.

Data source: IOM Migration Information Centre (, Euraxess Slovakia (, Ministry of foreign and European a affairs of the SR (